Living under construction has the best rewards. Besides, it's a fun process of reinvention. Retirement from the working world has enabled me to pursue my passion for creating art, for expressing emotions through art. This process was initially paired with the gift of a 'new normal' that came from a dance with cancer. I'm deeply grateful for these changes, the challenges and permissions it gives to be free. Life is to be celebrated and enjoyed. I hope I can stay in this state of "under construction".

I discovered my love for art in childhood and it's always been an intrinsic part of who I am. While I had great role models and art mentors in formative years, I began an art-proper education in 1974/75 with a brief beginning in foundation year studies at the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD). Life soon set a new direction for survival but a job in production art allowed me to return to OCAD for part-time studies (1982/83). This whetted my taste for broader education, shifting me 180 degrees into academic studies. I received a BA Hons at York University (Philosophy; Law & Society-Jun1988), and MA at the University of Toronto (Criminology-Nov1989). My profession as a criminologist morphed into research within the Criminal Justice System, something I pursued until 2012. I still enjoy the intellectual buzz of criminology, but confess I love my art dance partner more. For me, it's a matter of finding and extending each happy moment I'm here.

Enjoy your trip to my website.