Artist Statement

The process of creating art is a celebration of life. It is personal, yet objective, abstract, concrete, and fun. It may be heavy with humanity, social, political, historical, spiritual commentary, or gently and lightly touching. If it resonates, it celebrates some essence within. To create art is a gift of joy. To receive and respond to art is a personal revelation. To celebrate art is to celebrate life. Art works!

Aristotle in Ancient Greece wrote, "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." It is when the essence of a scene, beings, or object reaches out, touches and speaks to me, that I am compelled to capture that conveyance through the creative process.

When I feel I have completed an artwork, I feel a sense of wholeness; a completeness within myself. The work is more than a product. It's an expression of me - my inward reflection of what the subject has presented both to and through me. In that sense, it becomes part of my being as enriched through the aesthetic process of seeing.

I am profoundly delighted if my work speaks to someone other than me. To sell or not sell is a complex decision, involving a process of parting with myself. When I do decide, however, my aim is to sell at what ought to be an affordable price. I believe art should be accessible, yet admit that I first need time to become accessible. Mea culpa.

Life and art are grand and wondrous journeys. I continue to feel my way in the world, and enjoy the thought of when, where, or how my life might converge with those of others. This road of non-coincidence has so very many reasons to celebrate. Embrace life, and enjoy!